Introducing Canvas

Starting in September, UBC will begin to use Canvas to deliver online course content to students. And by September 2018, Canvas will have completely replaced Connect at UBC. What can we expect from this new system?

First, let’s get some jargon out of the way. Connect and Canvas are both learning management systems. These systems have a wide range of uses—professors can add content for courses and post grades, and students can submit assignments, post to discussion forums, and take quizzes.

UBC has been using Connect (Blackboard Learn) as our main learning management system since 2012. After an extensive consultation and user testing with UBC faculty and students, the university has selected Canvas to replace Connect.

The transition from Connect to Canvas won’t take place all at once—Canvas will be gradually phased in. More classes will be moved over to Canvas each semester during the 2017/18 academic year, and by September 2018, the transition from Connect to Canvas will be complete. That means that at some point during the next three semesters, it’s very likely you’ll have classes in both Canvas and Connect. Not sure if you have a course in Canvas this term? Check the list of UBC courses that are using Canvas in September 2017 .

There are a few reasons why the move to Canvas is a good thing for UBC students. For instance, when UBC consulted students about what they wanted from their learning management system, they said they wanted a consistent experience from course to course. In Connect, the way that courses look varies, depending on how professors set them up. In Canvas, the layout is essentially the same in every course, plus or minus different features your instructor might choose to add, such as discussions or quizzes. Canvas can also be used on your mobile device, via your mobile browser or the Canvas app.

To stay up to date with all things Canvas at UBC, stay tuned to this blog.

– Kristen Morgan, UBCO Physics student

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