Photo credit to Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & Marketing

Set New Course-Level Notification Preferences in Canvas

Starting October 17, the General Notifications interface has been updated to match the design of Course-Level Notifications. You will also have the ability to include or hide scores in your email notifications.  This builds on the course level notifications that rolled out from July 18, which gave you the ability to customize notifications for individual Canvas courses. This feature will allow you to customize course […]

Support is available from the Help menu within Canvas

View Canvas course material offline with the ePub Export feature

Starting July 8, instructors will have the ability to enable the ePub export feature in their Canvas courses. Once enabled, this feature allows you to export course content into an ePub file for viewing offline, using any eReader software. This ePub export feature allows you to download course content in an easy-to-read format for viewing […]